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Who is Gloria Copeland Wiki, Biography, Age, Net Worth, Net Worth, Instagram, Hidden Facts You Need to Know

Gloria Copeland Wiki

Gloria Copeland Wiki – Gloria Copeland Biography

Gloria Copeland is an internationally known Bible teacher and bestselling author. She holds an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University. Gloria and her husband, Kenneth, are the founders of Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas. Together with Gloria, he runs the Tarrant County, Texas-based Kenneth Copeland Ministries. KCM’s motto is “Jesus is Lord” from Romans 10:9. He has been identified as preaching the prosperity gospel.

Gloria Copeland Age

She was 78 years old.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

Born: February 12, 1942 (age 78 years)
Spouse: Kenneth Copeland (m. 1963)
Education: Oral Roberts University
TV shows: Believer’s Voice Of Victory
Children: Kellie Copeland Swisher

Gloria Copeland Author

According to her Facebook page, Gloria describes herself as a New York Times Bestselling author, teacher, and minister of the gospel. She and her husband, Kenneth, co-founded Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas-in 1967.
Gloria has produced more than 70 teaching series covering a wide variety of issues. She is also the author of many best-selling books including Hidden Treasures, Hearing From Heaven and Blessed Beyond Measure. In honor of her achievements and giving to others, Gloria was selected as “Christian Woman of the Year” by the Christian Woman of the Year Association in 1994.
Gloria Copeland Husband, Children
Gloria Copeland and Kenneth have been married for close to 6 decades. They have been blessed with three, children Terri, Kellie and John. They actively support their work of the ministry.
Terri Copeland Pearsons, and her husband, George Pearsons, serve as pastors of Eagle Mountain International Church. George also serves as CEO of KCM, and Terri is KCM’s Chief of Staff.
Kellie Copeland is the Manager of Covenant Partner Services at Kenneth Copeland Ministries. She is the developer of the Superkid Academy curriculum.
John Copeland, worked with us for 23 years in various positions, including serving as CEO until January 2017. Today, he is involved in various business pursuits.

Kenneth Copeland Covid-19

During the pandemic of COVID-19, Copeland repeatedly got attention for his comments and actions in response to the outbreak. On March 11, 2020, Copeland claimed to heal viewers of his TV show of the disease, asking them to touch the television set as he prayed for them.
As many lost their jobs in the economic crisis that the outbreak caused, Copeland told followers to continue paying tithes even if they lost their jobs.
In a broadcast, Copeland called it a weak strain of the flu, and that fear of it was sin and putting faith in the devil. Copeland said that he did not agree with pastors that canceled their services due to the coronavirus, saying “I want you in my church. If we have to pass out thermometers. If we find one with a fever, let’s get him healed right there. What if you do get it? Big deal!”
Kenneth Copeland has repeatedly said during the pandemic that it has ended or will soon end. He said at one point that God told him that it would soon be over as Christians’ prayers have overwhelmed it, and that the pandemic was brought to America by “displays of hate” towards president Donald Trump by critics, which had interfered with “divine protection”. On March 29th, 2020, in a televised sermon, Copeland claimed COVID-19 “…is finished. It is over.” On March 30th, 2020 the count of known cases in the USA increased by approximately 20,300.
On April 5th, the televangelist summoned the “wind of God” to destroy the novel coronavirus. Before blowing at the camera, he said: “I blow the wind of God on you. You are destroyed forever, and you’ll never be back. Thank you, God. Let it happen. Cause it to happen.”
Leading a chant surrounded by members of his church and preaching to an empty room, he called out: “Wind, almighty, strong, south wind, Heat: Burn this thing, in the name of Jesus. I say, you bow your knees. You fall on your face.”

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