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Who Is julia Stronach? And how she turned time back on her Aunt Sandra’s face for her April 2019 birthday party? An overview of her work, Her Book ” Business for Makeup Artists”

Julia Stronach_ As a makeup artist & author

Julia Stronach is a specialist in bridal makeup who is an expert in bridal cosmetics for the skin. Ms. Stronach always takes a few minutes to analyze her clients’ facial characteristics before applying products to determine what is best for them. and author of ‘Business for Makeup Artists: How to Grow Your Business Quickly’. Hes book is available to buy on Amazon for $ 16.94 paperback, or $ 13.98 on Kindle.

An overview of her work

Julia Stronach shaved years after her 80-year-old aunt’s appearance with clever cosmetic tricks has revealed the techniques and products she uses to achieve flawless skin for all ages, and some cost as little as $ 12. Julia Stronach turned back time on her Aunt Sandra’s face for her birthday party in April 2019 by applying a thick primer, clear foundation, a mixture of matte and glossy eyeshadow, and an orange under-eye concealer to hide dark circles. She said the secret to perfecting a youthful complexion is to avoid heavy cosmetics and subtly fill just the upper brow line because heavy drawing dominates the features and ages the expensive. Ms Stronach told Daily Mail Australia that the overcoated lips should only be done around Cupid’s arch and never along the edges, making the area around the mouth appear crooked and old.

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