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Elsabé Antoinette Murray Joubert OIS was born on October 19, 1922. She was a highly regarded Afrikaans novelist, travel-writer, journalist and playwright. She rose to fame with her novel Die swerfjare van Poppie Nongena, which was translated into 13 languages ​​as well as represented as a drama and filmed as Poppie Nongena. The novel was reprinted three times in its first six months of publication, and won three literary awards, the Luyt, Hofmeyr and CNA prizes, within a week of each other. the book being translated into 13 languages and being selected as one of the 100 best novels to have come out of Africa. It was serialised in magazines and newspapers, and became a major point of discussion.


She was 97 years old.

Birth Sign


Cause Of Her Fame

Her novel, “Die swerfjare van Poppie Nongena”.

Early Life And Education

Elsa Joubert grew up in Paarl and enrolled at the La Rochelle School for Girls in Paarl in 1939. She then studied at Stellenbosch University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1942 and an SED (Diploma of Secondary Education) in 1943. She continued her studies at the University of Cape Town, which she left with a master’s degree in Dutch-Afrikaans literature in 1945. After graduating, Joubert taught at Hoër Meisieskool, a girls’ high school in Cradock, then worked as an editor for the women’s pages of Huisgenoot, a well-known Afrikaans family magazine, from 1946 to 1948. She then began writing entirely. time and traveled extensively in Africa, from the sources of the Nile in Uganda, through the Sudan, to Cairo, as well as to Mozambique, Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar and Angola. She also visited Indonesia.

Writing Career

Novels, travelogues and short stories

Besides writing on her travels, she produced a number of award-winning stories and novels, including Ons wag op die kaptein (1964), Bonga (1971), Die Laaste Sondag (1983) and Die reise van Isobelle (1995). But it was her documentary novel, Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena (“The Wandering Years of Poppie Nongena”, 1979 – best known in English simply as Poppie Nongena), which made her a prominent cultural-political figure, the book being translated into 13 languages and being selected as one of the 100 best novels to have come out of Africa.


Her autobiography was written and published in three parts, alternatively entitled ‘n Wonderlike Geweld, Reisiger and Spertyd, the latter published in 2017, the year that she turned 95. She died in Cape Town on 14 June 2020.


Her novel Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena was reworked for the stage in collaboration with Sandra Kotzé, and was first produced in Afrikaans by PACOFS in 1979 *? * With resounding success. PACT produced a bilingual (Afrikaans / English) version at Transvaal in 197 *, and an English version was also performed at the Market Theater under the title Poppie, directed by Lucille Gillwald for The Company in 1980. It was also brought to Various other locations. in the world between 1982 and 1984. It was one of the most influential works of the time. Filmed twice, as The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena by Koos Roets in 1989, and as Poppie Nongena, in 2020 by Christiaan Olwagen. Later, Joubert herself tried to adapt her story as a play, but with less success. Die Laaste Sondag (“The Last Sunday”) was first produced by PACT in 1986.


Ons Wag op die Kaptein (1963) won, among others, the Eugène Marais award. Die Swerfjare van Poppie Nongena (1978), received the WA Hofmeyer, CNA and Louis Luyt awards and was listed in 2002 as one of the 100 Best Books in Africa. In 1981, she was awarded the Winifred Holtby Prize by the Royal British Literature Society, and he also became a member of the Society. In 1995 Die Reise van Isobelle (1995) received the coveted Hertzog Prize. In 2001 he received an honorary Doctorate from the University of Stellenbosch and in 2007 one from the University of Pretoria. In 2004 she received the Order of Ikhamanga award, and in 2013 he received the ACT Lifetime Achievement Award.

Personal Life

In 1950, Joubert married Klaas Steytler, a journalist and later publisher and author, who died in 1998. She had three children, two daughters and one son, and lived in Oranjezicht, Cape Town.

Death & Cause

Joubert’s son, Nico Steytler, confirmed that his mother died in Cape Town on 14 June 2020 due to COVID-19-related causes.


Iconic SA author Elsa Joubert was ‘a pioneer – ahead of her time’

Eloise Wessels, head of Joubert’s publisher NB Publishers, said:

‘Elsa Joubert was a pioneer, she was ahead of her time. She successfully reached her own people with her political message—something other Afrikaans writers have avoided. Apart from the cultural and political dimensions of her oeuvre, her work was always characterised by a powerful human element; in her own words: The farthest journey is from man to man, through the heart.’

Johanthan Ball Publishers reports;

that Elsa received numerous awards during her career including the Hertzog Prize (probably the most prestigious award for Afrikaans writing). Elsa was also awarded an honourary doctorate by the University of Stellenbosch. The Long Journey of Poppie Nongena has been voted one of the top 100 best books of the 20th century.

Etienne Bloemhof, publisher at NB Publishers, expressed his shock at the news of Elsa’s death, saying: “In the time I had the honour of working with Elsa I became deeply aware of her open spirit and staggering intellect, and yes, her humbleness. She would with great detail tell stories from 80, 90 years ago and then effortlessly switch back to current affairs. There are truly not enough words to pay tribute to her legacy.”

Net Worth

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources, famous Writer Elsa Joubert’s net worth is $1-5 Million at the age of 97 years old. She earned the money being a professional Writer.

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