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Genevieve Westcott was born in 1955 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She was one of New Zealand’s most recognized journalists and a sought-after public speaker, began her career in the Canadian media as a financial reporter for the Vancouver Sun. At 23, she became the youngest editorial page writer in the Vancouver province. Television beckoned and Genevieve continued her rise in the media, working for the Canwest Television Network, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and as head of CTV National News’ West Coast office. She ended her career on Canadian television as a presenter and correspondent for CTV’s W5. In 1984, Genevieve moved to New Zealand, where the award-winning journalist continued to impress employers and viewers on TVNZ’s Eyewitness News, with appearances in the Close Up and 60 Minutes news magazines; A Current Affair and The Westcott File from Ancled TV; She worked as a 20/20 correspondent and also hosted ZB radio shows in Aukland. With 13 national and international awards for journalistic excellence on her resume, she was also a requested public speaker through her firm Westcott Communications.


She was About 65 years old.


Genevieve launched her career as a financial reporter for The Vancouver Sun, the largest newspaper in western Canada. At 23, she was the youngest editorial page writer hired at the Vancouver Province newspaper. Turning to television, she worked for the Canwest Television Network, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and as a West Coast office and correspondent for CTV National News in Canada. Later, she made her way to “W5” on CTV Television, Canada’s leading news program, as a presenter and correspondent. Reporting from North and South America, Central America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Australia and the South Pacific, she investigated everything from the child sex trade in Thailand to the gang war in New Zealand and the wars of peasant land in Costa Rica. – piracy in the Greek seas – and death squads that murder Brazil’s homeless children. In the past 21 years, Genevieve, won 13 national and international awards for journalistic excellence, including 8 of New Zealand’s top media awards for “Best Current Television” and “Best Television Research Report” – 3 International Awards for Research reports at the prestigious New York Film and Television Festival – and 2 Canadian National Awards for Outstanding Legal Reports.

Within a year of arriving in New Zealand in 1984, she won the first of many national media awards. Reporting for TVNZ’s “Eyewitness News”, “Close Up” and “60 Minutes” news magazines, she  also hosted his own national evening television show, “A Current Affair” on TV3 and “The Westcott File” and worked as “20/20” correspondent. She also hosted radio shows for ZB in Auckland. Genevieve Westcott founded Westcott Communications, a media consulting, crisis management and training company, to use her vast experience and communication skills in the corporate environment. Her remarkable journalism and incisive style have made her a household name in New Zealand. She brings credibility, integrity, a passion for excellence and a great experience to the clients who work with her. It is committed to helping people and organizations achieve their performance goals.


Westcott won 13 national and international awards for journalistic excellence in the recent 21 years.

Personal Life

Husband / Children

In Canada, she met her future husband, Kiwi cameraman Ross Kenward. The couple moved to New Zealand, where they worked together at the then new station TV3. Kenward died in 2014. The couple had one son, Jamie Kenward​, and a grandchild.


She died on Friday morning from breast cancer, according to Massey University, which was where Westcott worked after leaving broadcasting.


A close friend and former colleague, Herald reporter Carolyne Meng-Yee, paid tribute to a woman who was highly respected in the media industry, and known for being a generally friendly person who did her job with empathy.

Former 60 Minutes reporter Paula Penfold, now with Stuff Circuit, said Westcott’s style left a lasting impact for New Zealand journalism. “What I admired about her was she brought a whole new style to New Zealand journalism,” Penfold said. “Being Canadian, she had a forthrightness that New Zealand hadn’t seen before, it was a confrontational style of interviewing and people followed in her footsteps.”

Journalist and former colleague Amanda Millar says Westcott “ripped apart journalism in New Zealand.” “She came in like a revolutionary and took people by storm.” Millar said Westcott was the “queen of doorstop”, a term for when you don’t let someone leave until you ask all the important questions.

Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is around $4.5 million.

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