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Karol Skora was born on June 17, 1948. He is an English physician specializing in oncology. He is the Medical Director of Rodward Health plc, the Director of Medical Oncology at the Bahamas Cancer Center, attending and assisting the University of Buckingham School of Medicine.


He is 71 years old.

Early life

Karol Sikora was born in 1948. Her father was a captain in the Polish army and came to Great Britain during World War II. Karol’s childhood was spent in Edinburgh, Stafford and London. He was awarded a London County Council scholarship to Dulwich College before going to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, where he became a Foundation Scholar and earned a double first. He received his doctorate from Stanford University, where he also completed a clinical fellowship.

Race After leaving Stanford University, Dr. Sikora returned to Cambridge to head the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research. From 1985 to 1997, he served as clinical director of cancer services at London’s Hammersmith Hospital, where he established a cancer research laboratory. In 1997 he was briefly the Head of the Cancer Program of the World Health Organization before resigning due to a disagreement with the UN on a restructuring of noncommunicable diseases [10]. He served as Vice President of Global Clinical Research in Oncology at the Pharmacia Corporation from 1999 to 2002. He has also been a member of the Cancer Expert Advisory Group of the UK Department of Health, as well as the Committee for Drug Safety. He is currently Medical Director of Proton Partners International and dean of the Buckingham University School of Medicine; the only private medical school in the UK. He is an unpaid member of the Meat Advisory Panel, a group of industry-backed researchers, scientists, and health professionals who provide meat information and advice as part of a balanced diet. He is a member of the Oncology Scientific Advisory Board of the biopharmaceutical company Cyclacel Limited, and serves as an oncology consultant for AstraZeneca.  Dr. Sikora will also serve as Interim Director of Radiation Oncology for the newly constructed Eastern Caribbean Cancer Center in Antigua, replacing after the original director, Dr. Arthur Porter, was diagnosed with cancer.

Sikora is a co-author or editor of twenty books, including Cancer Treatment and Economics of Cancer Care. Sikora is known for his outspoken opinions,  and has written for the Times, The Observer, the New Statesman, and other publications.

Criticism of the National Health Service

Sikora is highly critical of cancer care available from the National Health Service (NHS). During the push by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, to enact health reform, in early May 2009, he appeared in an announcement of attack by the Republican Party in the United States criticizing the National Institute for Excellence in Health and Care (NICE) and the NHS. Sikora told The Guardian that she did not know it would be used in the advertising campaign and that she agreed with Obama on the American health system. In the attack announcement, Sikora was referred to as an oncology professor at Imperial College. This prompted Imperial to seek legal advice to prevent Sikora from claiming to be a professor of cancer medicine at Imperial; a claim that is understood to have been made repeatedly in the last five years. On January 29, 2009, Sikora had presented to a Commons health selection committee as “… a professor of oncology at Imperial College for 22 years.” On Newsnight in 2017, he described the NHS as “the last bastion of communism.”

Promotion of alternative medicine

Sikora and the Buckingham School of Medicine have supported alternative medicine in the past. For a short time, Buckingham offered a diploma in “integrated medicine” (a euphemism for alternative medicine). Sikora was a founding member of Prince Charles’ now-defunct alternative medicine lobby group The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health and President of the Faculty of Integrated Medicine, which is not affiliated with any university; it includes doctors Rosy Daniel and Mark Atkinson, who led the Buckingham “integrated medicine” course. Sikora is also a “professional member” of the Faculty of Medicine, a patient-oriented health care lobby group that also joined the Prince of Wales who appeared shortly after the collapse of the Prince’s Foundation. The College has been widely criticized in the British Medical Journal for its promotion of alternative medicine. These claims have been contested by the College. He is on the advisory panel for the Penny Brohn Cancer Care Supplemental Cancer Charity formerly the Bristol Cancer Aid Center) of which Prince Charles is a sponsor and sponsor of the Iain Rennie Hospice in home.  Sikora’s statements are claimed to have criticized unproven methods of alternative medicine, after Member of Parliament Lord Maurice Saatchi proposed a bill allowing doctors to use unproven experimental therapies, and has spoken out Contrary to claims that an alkaline diet can cure cancer. However, there are no such documented statements before the proposed bill is discussed.

Launch of the Lockerbie bomber

In September 2009, Lockerbie’s convicted terrorist, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, was released from a Scottish prison on compassionate grounds. The Daily Telegraph reported that Sikora was one of three doctors hired by the Libyan government to assess Megrahi’s condition. Sikora’s report concluded that Megrahi was only three months old due to terminal prostate cancer. In fact, Megrahi died on May 20, 2012, two years and nine months after his release. Sikora has since admitted that the Libyans suggested a “three-month” deadline. According to The Daily Telegraph, this was not the first time that Sikora had been economical with the truth. Sikora’s medical diagnosis was not used by the Scottish Minister of Justice, as Libya had paid for it, but her diagnosis was in accordance with the medical evidence that was used. Once released, Megrahi returned to Libya and far exceeded the 3-month forecast. In July 2010, in an interview with The Sunday Times, Sikora said that “it was ’embarrassing’ that Megrahi has lived much longer than expected” and “There was always a chance that he could live for ten years, 20 years … But it is very unusual. ” This quote was used first by the UK press and then by a group of US senators. USA  to undermine the Scottish decision to release Megrahi on compassionate grounds, and then link the release to BP’s contracts in Libya. In response, the Scottish Government categorically stated that Sikora’s medical opinion was not used by the Scottish Minister of Justice. Since then, Sikora has complained about the way journalists reported their views, stating that there was probably less than a percent chance that Megrahi would live 10 years.


Karol Sikora said he was a professor at Imperial College London, but the university denied it and was seeking legal action in 2009. I can confirm that Karol Sikora is not on the Imperial staff and does not have the title of Honorary Professor of Oncology. This individual has been previously warned by the university for making claims that he is employed by us or associated with us. His views are certainly not the views of the university. – Professor Sir Roy Anderson, Rector of Imperial College London. However, it appears that he held this honorary position at the Imperial College before 2004. In 2014, Sikora called for expensive cancer drugs for frail elderly people to be rationed in favor of younger patients. Do we really expect people in their eighties with multiple insoluble health problems to have the same technology as their cancer at its best? ” – Karol Sikora In 2010, Sikora admitted to administering a fatal dose of morphine to a 14-year-old leukemic patient when he was a junior physician at St Bartholomew Hospital in London in 1974. The GMC said it did not investigate complaints about cases involving more than five years unless this was considered to be in the public interest. In 2005, Sikora gave crucial evidence as a defense medical expert to Dr. Howard Martin, who was found not guilty of three murders in 2005. He told the court that Martin was innocent of malicious killings, but this year the GP admitted intentionally hasten the death of some of his patients. It also provided evidence in defense of Dr. Jane Barton, who was convicted of serious professional conduct and allegedly prescribed “potentially dangerous” levels of drugs to 12 elderly patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital, who later died.

Personal Life

He has not talked much about anything about his personal life including his wife and family.

Net Worth

Total Net Worth at the moment 2020 year – is about $54,5 Million.

His views on the virus crisis

Professor Karol Sikora a senior oncologist who has created numerous followers on Twitter about his views on the virus crisis, said that at the moment, Dr. Cuived, with his poor credentials, is trying to solve the problem with 19. Were trying Regarding the planetary routines in Podcast The Telegraph, which can be heard in the previous reproductive process, the professor says that the virus has succeeded in thwarting the test and when it comes to “Algona pistachio” Can be found. With frustration for the phone. This was in contrast to Germany, where deaths can only be recorded as a result of Covid 19 when the medical equipment includes a final degree certificate stating that they do the work that is successful.

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