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Gregory Katz was an acclaimed correspondent for The Associated Press in London. He was Originally from Westport, Connecticut, Katz also wrote frequently about music, particularly his lifelong passion for rock ‘n’ roll. He was the only journalist inside the Dakota Apartments on the night of 1980 when John Lennon was killed and wrote a definitive report on the Rolling Stone magazine murder. He recalled that when he was a ponytail teenager still in high school, he had hitchhiked to the Woodstock music festival, sleeping on the muddy ground and drinking at the historic rock concert. Katz graduated from the University of Vermont and had his first professional job in journalism on Cape Cod, at the Provincetown (Mass.) Advocate. He later spent time at the Boston Herald American, the Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Sun-Sentinel and USA Today before moving to Mexico City with the Morning News.


He was 67 years old.


Katz was a devoted brother to his three older brothers, including his sister Stephanie, who led him to death last year. He often flew to New York to be with her and drink martinis at her favorite bar on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


Katz graduated from the University of Vermont and had his first professional job in journalism on Cape Cod, at the Provincetown (Mass.) Advocate.

Career And Achievements

His career of more than four decades took him around the world, from Latin America to Africa, Asia to Russia, the Middle East and Western Europe. He was part of the team in 1994 that won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reports in the Dallas Morning News for a series on violence against women around the world. In the masculine world of Mexico, where violent crimes against women are often guided and tolerated, the tropical city of Juchitan offers refuge to women who want to live without worrying about being raped or assaulted on the streets, “Katz wrote in a statement, counterintuitive piece for the series. Katz was a wonderful reporter and lyrical writer.

Katz joined the AP in London as a correspondent in 2008 and became acting head of the office in 2013. He was a familiar figure to many as a regular panelist on the BBC’s “Dateline London” show, discussing world events with other correspondents foreign.

Personal Life

There is no information about his personal life.

Death & Cause

Katz underwent cancer surgery in London in February. He then went home for several days, but suffered complications and returned to the hospital. While convalescing, he became infected with the coronavirus and fell ill with pneumonia. He died on June 24, 2020.


Katz was “a wonderful reporter and lyrical writer,” said Scott Kraft, managing editor of the Los Angeles Times and a friend of more than three decades. “I admired his work, and I cherished his friendship. He was such a generous spirit.”

Anne-Marie O’Connor, a London-based journalist and author, who covered Haiti and Cuba with Katz in the 1990s, said that “in addition to being a wonderfully curious reporter, Greg could be riotously funny, and his sense of humor elevated the esprit de corps of his colleagues on the road.”

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