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Who Is Jorge Arantes? Wiki, Bio, Age, Height & Weight, Early Life, Career, Personal Life, Wife (JK Rowling), Children, Reasons For Separation From JK Rowling, Violent Marriage, Jorge Antares’s Statement, Net Worth, And Many More Facts You Need To Know


Jorge Arantes is a Portuguese journalist, but what he currently does for a living is unknown. It is in the public eye due to her past marital relationship with the famous English author. {Obviously, he also used to be a drug addict and therefore his personal life was completely ruined. According to him, he has helped Rowling frame the Harry Potter stories that have been popular around the world.

Height & Weight

Jorge Arantes is perfectly tall and used to be perfectly balanced in front of his ex-wife J.K. Rowling who is 5 feet 5 inches tall. However, Jorge’s actual body statistics such as his height, weight, foot size, etc. are not disclosed. Other information about your health, fitness and medical reports are not available.

Early / Personal life, Family

Jorge Arantes was conceived in 1967, which makes his age 52 years from 2019. He was destined for a Portuguese family in Portugal and his mother’s name is Marilia Rodrigues. She also has a brother named Justino who is a travel specialist calling. Regarding training, he graduated in Journalism.

Education and Career

Jorge Arantes was a fruitful television columnist. After the catastrophe with his better half and his little girl, Arantes experienced an alarming discouragement that led him to be carried away by the illicit use of drugs. His life was self-destructing and everything in his life was being decimated, including his expert life. Illicit drug use caused him to lose his job as a television writer. In view of the compulsion, he experienced a budget emergency that forced him to accept his family’s legacies and decorations. Arantes claims that he is the primary individual examining the Harry Potter story when Rowling began composing it prior to his partition. According to him, he also helped her during the time she spent surrounding the famous story.

Personal Life

Jorge Arantes was 23 years old and was a journalism student when he met Rowling, who was a 25-year-old English teacher in Portugal at a café where he was enjoying with some of his friends. He was in love at first sight, impressed with her aquamarine eyes and wanted to pick her up. They communicated but Rowling was having trouble communicating in Portuguese, but Arantes managed to speak English and the moment created the connection between them. They found things common to each other in many things and also talked about the book written by Jane Austen entitled “Sense and Sensibility”. At the end of the night, they exchanged their phone number and they also kissed. After a couple of days, the duo had their first date that ended in bed, according to Arantes. The two independent young men were enjoying their lives and entered into an intense and passionate relationship. Little by little, they began to have arguments and their relationship could at some point feel like heaven or sometimes also like hell. They used to live together in a ramshackle two-bedroom apartment and found out that Rowling was pregnant, which was totally unexpected and unexpected. However, the couple was determined and agreed to fulfill their obligation to be parents, but unfortunately, Joanne had a miscarriage. She conceived again and this time Jorge proposed to marry her. They received their first and only child as a daughter named Jessica on July 27, 1993. Unfortunately, their relationship began to worsen when Jorge ordered Joanne to leave the apartment, but she refused to go alone without her daughter. Arantes dragged Joanne out of the house at 5 a.m. early and even slapped her hard. The valence prompted Joanne to move to Edinburgh with her daughter, and finally Arantes followed in three months. She made an effort to solve the problems, but this time Joanne said that her married life was over. After returning to Portugal, his life was destroyed. He fell into drug addiction from which he has now recovered. Now he lives in a small apartment in the Parisian suburb of Clichy, sharing with his brother named Justin.

Reasons For Separation From JK Rowling

Rowling called her brief marriage to Arantes “violent” and said it left her with scars. The violence reached a critical point in November 1993 when he “slapped her very hard” after removing her from her apartment two months after the birth of her daughter. Arantes confirmed that he attacked Rowling in 2000, while demanding access to his daughter, who was born after an initial miscarriage. He described the marriage as “intense and passionate”, saying, “We were always in heaven or hell.” Counting the night in 1993 when he ordered Rowling to leave his shared apartment, he said: “She refused to go without Jessica, and even though I said I could return for her in the morning, there was a violent fight. “I had to get her out of the house at five in the morning and I admit that I slapped her a lot on the street.”

Rowling fled with her daughter to Edinburgh to work on what would become Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In 1994 Arantes hunted Rowling and her daughter in Scotland, but received a restraining order and a divorce petition. He claimed to have spent the rest of his journey with another woman. In her 3,700-word essay, published on June 10, Rowling wrote: “I have been in the public eye for over twenty years and have never spoken publicly about being a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault. “This is not because I am ashamed that these things happened to me, but because they are traumatic to revisit and remember. “I also feel protective of my daughter from my first marriage. He did not want to claim sole ownership of a story that also belongs to him. ”

She added: “The scars left by violence and sexual assault don’t go away, no matter how much you are loved and no matter how much money you have earned.” “My perennial nervousness is a family joke, and I even know it is funny, but I pray that my daughters never have the same reasons as I do to hate loud and sudden noises, or to find people behind me when I didn’t hear them approach.”

Jorge Antares’s Statement

JK Rowling’s first husband broke her silence last night to deny any domestic or sexual violence, but strangely admitted to slapping her. Jorge Arantes rejected the Harry Potter author’s description of his “violent marriage”, complaining: “She shouldn’t have involved me.” Speaking to the Daily Mail, Mr. Arantes insisted that he had not yet read his ex-wife’s bomb trial, in which she spoke of the scars from her past. He stated: “There was no domestic violence, nor sexual violence.” Extraordinarily, he added: “I slapped her, but I didn’t abuse her.” Arantes also told The Sun: ‘There were no sustained abuses. I don’t regret slapping her. ” It occurred when Ms. Rowling suffered a backlash over her decision to go public with her views on transgender issues, which she says was influenced by her own experience of domestic violence and serious sexual assault when she was young. A parade of Harry Potter stars, who owe their Hollywood careers to Miss Rowling, lined up to put on the boot, dismissing their concerns about transgender issues. The author wrote Wednesday night that she was “deeply concerned” that some young people were facing enormous pressure to change their gender. He even claimed that he could have changed to become a man to become the son his father openly wanted, if he had faced the influences of today as a child.

Salary and Net worth

The net worth of former television journalist Jorge Arantes is under review. On the other hand, his wife Rowling has an estimated net worth of $ 400 million. Jorge has stated that he is not interested in Rowling’s money and that the only thing that matters to him is his daughter. Some British divorce lawyers have said that if there is no prenuptial agreement between them, the wealth of either partner is considered a community of assets that can make George a richer person. However, some specialist has stated that Rowling could receive a divorce permit unilaterally, since the couple has not cohabited for more than a decade.

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